Ealdormere Marshals Reporting

March 22nd, A.S. LI (51)

This page is used for reporting to the Marshalate's offices of the Kingdom of Ealdormere. The information will be provided to the Marshals offices that you indicate below, and the necessary updates will be sent to the databases in question for inclusion on the Warrants Lists.

Marshalates Reporting Form

Please fill out as completely as possible. Warrants are signed twice a year by incoming Royalty.

The database will generate the list of Warranted Marshals by the date in the system of Membership Expiry, so if your Society Membership expires it is recommended that you update your information as soon as it changes.

While it is recommended that the dates on file be kept up to date as they change, to ensure inclusion on the Royal signed Warrants Lists it is recommended reports be sent no later than September 1st and April 1st.


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Please use the additional pull-down list if you would like to submit/update multiple Marshalate offices.


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  Just a reminder in order to be a WARRANTED Marshal within Ealdormere or the Society, you must have an up-to-date membership in the Society of Creative Anachronism, submit reports regularly as required by the Marshalate and Laws, and provide the details of membership to the Marshals office through the Earl Marshal or one of the assigned deputies. You may also be required to show proof of membership along with your signed/stamped marshalate card before an event in order to provide marshalate services during said event. Thank you
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Additional Email: Your report will be sent to the Kingdom Marshal of the disciplines you chose above, and for Group Marshals will be sent to your Group Seneschal. If you wish this report to be sent to anyone addtional, please include the email here. For more than one, please separate by a comma.

What marshalling activities have you performed since your last report?

Did you perform or sign any authorizations. If so, please list either SCA or Mundane name and est. date?

Comments, questions or ideas for the Marshalate?

Please note that ALL fields require some sort of entry. If you have nothing to report in those areas, please put "N/A" or "nothing to report" in the text fields.

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