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Taern MacGregorAward of the Boar Tusk 
Osanna de la WarrAward of the Boar Tusk 
Pauline de CalaisAward of the Boar Tusk 
Rowena MacLachlan nee CaithnessAward of the Boar Tusk 
Mauvrneen MacKellarAward of the Boar Tusk 
Morgan ap GruffydAward of the Boar Tusk 
Franz of Ben DunfirthAward of the Boar Tusk 
Jason of LancasterAward of the Boar Tusk 
Artorius MacLachlan of NorthumbriaAward of the Boar Tusk 
Quintinus AlexanderAward of the Guidon de Sang 
Renata Juliana Caterina AshamAward of the Guidon de Sang 
Stalker of MonadhAward of the Guidon de Sang 
Eleanor of MonadhAward of the Guidon de Sang 
Vladislav TepelusAward of the Guidon de Argent 
Carolyn of AmberviewAward of the Guidon de Argent 
Fial bu AoifeAwards of Arms 
Jason of LancasterAwards of Arms 
Katerina of RenfrewshireAwards of Arms 
Sarnac KirAward of the Scarlet Banner 
Tarkatai BahadurCourt Baron/Baroness Founding Baron Ben Dunfirth 1995/04/29
Rufus of StamfordOrder of the Laurel 
Artorius MacLachlan of NorthumbriaOrder of the Golden Boar 
Valizan Rakkas al-Bassim, Ra'ee al-SalehOrder of the Golden Boar 
Tarkatai BahadurOrder of the Golden Boar 
Thyra ThorkillsdottirOrder of the Golden Boar 
Moria the BlackOrder of the Golden Boar 
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the electronic version of any information on this site and the printed version that
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While the maintainers try to keep the information contained herein accurate, no
warrenty of any kind, explicit or implied, is given. If in doubt, ask your local herald or pursuivant.
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