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Wulfgang DonnerfaustAwards of Arms Herr
Jean-Margaret DonnerfaustAwards of Arms 
Kaylah the CheerfulAward of the Queens Favour 
Yoshikuri NagayoriAward of the Scarlet Banner 
Kildare Silverwolf ThorkillsonAward of the Scarlet Banner 
Rachael Catherine McLellanAugmentation of Arms royal augmentation
Randwulf WidefarerAugmentation of Arms royal augmentation
Eanor of AmberhallAugmentation of Arms Royal Augmentation
Hector of the Black HeightAugmentation of Arms Royal Augmentation
Sarnac KirCounts, Earls & Countesses 
Joleicia of LitchfieldCounts, Earls & Countesses Reigned with Sarnac Kir
Tanith the CookGrants of Arms 
Trumbrand the WandererMasters of the Order of Chivalry 
Maggie BrodieOrder of the Bear Heart 
Ulvar van der NederlandenOrder of Thorbjorns Hammer 
Dafydd ap SionOrder of Thorbjorns Hammer 
Konrad Mattias JaegerOrder of Thorbjorns Hammer 
Alyce de SheppyOrder of the Wain 
Alyce de SheppyOrder of the Pelican 
Kiara of AuburnScroll of Honour fundraising & service
Joleicia of LitchfieldLady of the Rose 
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the electronic version of any information on this site and the printed version that
is available from the orginating office will decided in favor of the printed version.
While the maintainers try to keep the information contained herein accurate, no
warrenty of any kind, explicit or implied, is given. If in doubt, ask your local herald or pursuivant.
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