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Arwyn of LeicesterAward of the Kings Favour 
Valizan Rakkas al-Bassim, Ra'ee al-SalehAward of the Kings Favour 
Sarnac KirAward of the Kings Favour 
Liadin ChuAward of the Maidens Heart 
Alyssa Blundel of Castel BoltonAward of Orion 
Rosalinda Margareta de la FuentesAward of Orion 
Ky Kerr of the GreenAwards of Arms 
Tancred of TanglewoodAward of the Scarlet Banner 
Ruskin of the MarinesAward of the Scarlet Banner 
Jocea ValenteAward of the Scarlet Banner 
Tynne Duair ap BeulCourt Baron/Baroness 
AElflaeda FitzAlainOrder of the Trillium 
Andrea Eulenberg von KufsteinOrder of the Trillium 
Tangwystl d'CourciOrder of the Trillium 
Tarkwyn of BalanjarOrder of the Trillium 
Ragnheithr ThorbjarnardottirOrder of the Trillium 
Rylyn BuchananOrder of the Trillium 
Catherine DupresOrder of the Trillium 
Marion FitzWilliamOrder of the Trillium 
Menken BrechenOrder of the Trillium 
Morgon the FeyOrder of the Trillium 
Moria the BlackOrder of the Trillium 
Lella SerciniOrder of the Trillium 
Elina de BraoseOrder of the Trillium 
Joleicia of LitchfieldOrder of the Trillium 
Kaellyn mac Dermott of LeinsterOrder of the Trillium 
Leod DudhCitizenship previously of the East
Rosalinda Margareta de la FuentesRecognition of ROYAL Favour Malik and Genevieve
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the electronic version of any information on this site and the printed version that
is available from the orginating office will decided in favor of the printed version.
While the maintainers try to keep the information contained herein accurate, no
warrenty of any kind, explicit or implied, is given. If in doubt, ask your local herald or pursuivant.
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