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Aidan Scoetend aet thaem Mistigum MerumAward of the Maidens Heart 
John MoranAward of the Maidens Heart 
Augustyn von BrixenAward of the Maidens Heart 
Aevianna NordengelAward of the Maidens Heart 
Rusalka GalbraithAward of Orion 
Jane GreenhillAward of Orion 
Roibeard of ErieAwards of Arms 
Louis BergerAwards of Arms 
Manus StataiekanpoikaAward of the Scarlet Banner 
Elizabeth the FierceAward of the Wolf Cub 
Adrielle KerrecCounts, Earls & Countesses Heirs to Roak IV & Jocea II 2009/09/26
Nigel MacFarlane.Counts, Earls & Countesses Heirs to Roak IV & Jocea II 2009/09/26
Mahault of SwynfordOrder of the Crucible 
Adrielle KerrecLady of the Rose 
Brand Thorwaldsen # the BlackHerald Extraordinary Beornweald Herald
Mahault of SwynfordRecognition of ROYAL Favour Nigel I and Adrielle I
Berend van der EychRecognition of ROYAL Favour Nigel I and Adrielle I
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the electronic version of any information on this site and the printed version that
is available from the orginating office will decided in favor of the printed version.
While the maintainers try to keep the information contained herein accurate, no
warrenty of any kind, explicit or implied, is given. If in doubt, ask your local herald or pursuivant.
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