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Award of the Kings Favour
Tarkatai Bahadur2000-02-26 
Valizan Rakkas al-Bassim, Ra'ee al-Saleh2000-02-26 
Jocea Valente2001-09-15 
Arlette des Saules2001-09-15 
Hector of the Black Height2002-04-27 
Garwig der Waffenschmidt2002-05-25 
Tanith the Cook2002-05-25 
Ruskin of the Marines2002-08-14 
Ulrich of Lochac2002-08-16 
Lafayette of Iron Lance2002-08-16 
Kylara of Hemlock Falls2002-08-16 
Kersteken Janzdochtere2003-04-26 
Sven Gunnolfr Ragnaldson2003-04-26 
Crystopher Kensor2003-09-20 King Rory Cennedi - advice and hospitality
Betty Terry2004-02-14 of the Outlands - Estrella War
Thomas of Belvoir2004-02-14 Estrella War
Evander MacLachlan2004-04-24 
Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees2004-04-24 
Hamish Gunn2004-09-11 
Valfreya Greenspear2004-11-09 
Arwyn of Leicester2005-04-16 
Valizan Rakkas al-Bassim, Ra'ee al-Saleh2005-04-16 
Sarnac Kir2005-04-16 
Heloise deTaahe2005-04-23 Kind Edouard Beausoleil II
Normand Hauberker2005-04-23 King Malik
Percival de la Rocque2005-04-23 King Malik
Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn2005-05-28 
Ranuthulfr Asperlundr of MK2005-08-15 
Adrielle Kerrec.2005-09-24 
Nigel MacFarlane.2005-09-24 
James the Mercer2005-09-24 
Daniel of Whitby2006-04-08 
Lothar the Gregarious2006-04-08 
Glorimyr Galbraith2006-09-23 
Tancred of Tanglewood2006-09-23 King Aaron Worgenson II
Dagmar Halvdan2006-09-23 King Aaron Worgenson II
Aemon of Lochac2007-01-20 Personal support of HRM
Tarquin Bjornnson2007-04-14 King Roak III
Christiana Macnamara2007-04-28 King Roak III
Heloise deTaahe2007-07-27 
Nigel MacFarlane.2007-09-22 
Genevieve de Rosse2007-09-22 
Aaron Worganson.2007-09-22 
Garraed Galbraith2007-09-22 
Corwyn Galbraith2007-09-22 
Gerrard Carpentarius2008-04-26 given by King Trumbrand
Hugh de Rose2008-09-20 
Luke Wolfsson fra Hrogn2008-09-20 
Melisande du Rocher2008-11-01 Working as Territorial Baroness 2006/11/18, early retirement
Berus Wolfsson2009-04-25 
Kersteken Janzdochtere2009-09-19 Favored by King Roak IV
Arlette des Saules2009-09-19 
Brand Thorwaldsen # the Black2009-09-19 Given as a ROYAL Favor-Roak IV and Jocea II
Mahault of Swynford2010-04-24 Combined with the Queens Favor
Nigel and Adrielle
Domhnaill Galbraith2010-09-25 
Conal MacEarnan2012-04-27 King Quilliam II
Tannon the Barbarian2012-08-08 For scoring a point in the resurrection champions battle
Mordain Blackcloak2012-08-09 
Devon F'french2012-08-09 
TRM Northshield2012-08-09 
Wulfgar Von-Ostrand2012-08-09 
Brand Thorwaldsen # the Black2013-04-27 Given as ROYAL Favor - Roak and Elizabeth
Brigit Larkin2013-04-27 Given by Roak and Elizabeth as a Royal Favor
Richard Larmer2013-05-11 
Sven Gunnolfr Ragnaldson2013-09-28 Given as a ROYAL Favor-Trumbrand II and Kayla II
Kersteken Janzdochtere2013-09-28 Given as a ROYAL Favor-Trumbrand II and Kayla II
Jocea Valente2013-09-28 Given as a ROYAL Favor-Trumbrand II and Kayla II
Brand Thorwaldsen # the Black2013-09-28 Given as a ROYAL Favor-Trumbrand II and Kayla II
Arlette des Saules2013-09-28 Given as a ROYAL Favor-Trumbrand II and Kayla II
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