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Group Info:

Award of the Queens Favour
Morgana bro Morganwyg1983-04-16 MK
Johannes Braunhausen1999-01-16 
James the Mercer1999-02-27 
Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall1999-03-20 
Moria the Black1999-03-20 
Rustique du Sorde.1999-09-25 
Caitlin Stuart2000-04-29 Kildare & Josephine
Liam de Pour2000-09-23 
Naimh of Ben Dunfirth2001-09-15 
Allan Ross Daniel MacKay2001-09-15 
Shire of Noergate2002-05-04 
Rosalinda Margareta de la Fuentes2002-05-04 Sarnac and Joleicia
Rachael Catherine McLellan2002-05-25 
Quintus Manlius Petreus2002-05-25 
Rustique du Sorde.2002-06-15 Sarnac and Jolecia
Kaylah the Cheerful2002-09-28 
Eogan de Moray2003-04-26 
Konrad Mattias Jaeger2003-06-28 
Trumbrand the Wanderer2003-06-28 
Berend van der Eych2003-06-28 
Eyrny Ormarsdottir2003-09-14 
Cristabel Wensleydale2003-09-20 
Hoskuld Thorleiksson2003-09-20 
Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees2003-09-20 Eduard and Genevieve
James the Mercer2003-09-20 
Wencenedl of Rokesburg2003-09-20 
Ulvar van der Nederlanden2003-09-20 
Adrielle Kerrec.2003-09-20 
Wilhelm von Pottruff2003-09-20 
Rustique du Sorde.2003-09-20 
Kaiza of Skraeling Althing2003-09-20 
Judhael de Cornouailles2003-11-08 
Hey You # also Hei Uwe2003-11-08 
Christiana Macnamara2004-02-28 
Elina de Braose2004-03-06 
Kaellyn mac Dermott of Leinster2004-03-06 
Iudith the Quiet Seeker2004-03-27 
Matilda La Zouche2004-03-27 
James the Mercer2004-03-27 
Chroniclers of Trinovantia Nova2004-05-15 past and present chroniclers
Ceridwyn y Anghofidig2004-09-11 
Valfreya Greenspear2004-11-09 
Rosalinda Margareta de la Fuentes2005-04-16 Malik and Genevieve
Kaylah the Cheerful2005-04-23 
Christiana Macnamara2005-04-23 
Rachael Catherine McLellan2005-04-23 
Eleanor Fairchild2005-07-23 
Arron Fahud Swiftrunner2005-08-15 of the Midrealm
Rustique du Sorde.2005-09-24 
Brand Thorwaldsen # the Black2005-09-24 
Aaron Worganson.2005-09-24 
Robert the Blue2005-09-24 
Sarra Elisabeth Graeham of Birnham2005-11-12 
Katerina of Renfrewshire2006-04-08 
Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn2006-04-08 
Catriona inghean Ragnaill2006-04-08 
Kateryna Bouland de Lancastre2006-06-11 Lochac Queens'' Cypher
Ryan (called Oxendriver)2006-06-17 Aaron II and Rustique II
Isotta Gianfgliazzi2006-09-23 Queen Rustique de Sorde II
Florence of Monadh2006-09-23 Queen Rustique de Sorde II
Barak Hasdrubal2006-09-23 Queen Rustique de Sorde II
Garraed Galbraith2006-10-07 
Aemon of Lochac2007-01-20 Personal support of HRM
Liadin Chu2007-04-14 Queen Jocea
Brand Thorwaldsen # the Black2007-04-28 Queen Jocea
Kersteken Janzdochtere2007-04-28 Queen Jocea
Garraed Galbraith2007-09-22 
Corwyn Galbraith2007-09-22 
Genevieve de Rosse2007-09-22 
Eleanor Fairchild2007-09-22 
Dagmar Halvdan2007-09-22 
Gerrard Carpentarius2008-04-26 given by Queen Kaylah
Yoshikuri Nagayori2008-04-26 given by Queen Kaylah
Breka fra Etain2008-09-20 
Luke Wolfsson fra Hrogn2008-09-20 
Lyda Langrackrsdottir2008-09-20 
Mary Hannah le Moyne of Butterfield2008-09-20 
Derfel Mallory2008-11-01 Working as Territorial Baron 2006/11/18, early retirement
Marion FitzWilliam2009-04-25 
Arlette des Saules2009-09-19 
Berend van der Eych2010-04-24 Combined with the Kings Favor
Nigel and Adrielle
Elrik Mordner2010-09-05 
Heather Shea the Questrix2010-09-05 Queen Dagmar
Maiwen Scarbrow2010-09-05 Queen Dagmar
Wilheem Caimbeul2010-09-05 Queen Dagmar
Thorsteinn Bjarnylyr Sveinnson2010-09-05 Queen Dagmar
Gann2010-09-05 Queen Dagmar
Nadrah bint Valizan al-Garnitiyya2010-09-05 Queen Dagmar
Liadin Chu2010-09-25 Queen Dagmar
Tarian verch Gadarn2012-04-27 Queen Dagmar II
Johanna Hearst2012-04-27 Queen Dagmar II
Devon F'french2012-08-09 
Wulfgar Von-Ostrand2012-08-09 
TRM Northshield2012-08-09 
Henry Foster2013-04-27 Given by Roak and Elizabeth as dual
Jocea Valente2013-04-27 Given by Roak and Elizabeth as dual
Gwendolyn of Aldburg 2014-02-22 
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