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Order of the Black Hare
Gwilym ap Alun1900-00-00 exact date unknown
Eglantine of the Viol1982-10-00 
Galen Ciallmhar of Connaught1982-10-02 
TSivia bas Tamara V'Amberview1982-10-02 Premier
Naon na Chruitire1982-11-13 
Stephin Armstrang1982-11-13 
Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles1982-12-29 
Siglinde Harfnerstochter1989-04-21 
Olivir von Iulenstein1991-02-14 
Elizabetta of Greyfells1994-10-22 
Martin of Greyfells1994-10-22 
Alienor of Greyfells1994-10-22 
Caytlynne du Bois1994-10-22 
Philip of Greyfells1994-10-22 
Gwynyfir verch Lawri1994-10-22 
Helen of Greyfells1999-11-06 
Ansfrid van de Muelne1999-11-06 
Eleanor de Grismontes2002-02-23 
Micaylah na Clan fra Skye2003-04-26 
Jamie FitzMordain Blackcloak2003-08-30 
May of ye Wolde2004-03-27 
Lerthan ingen Chormaicc maicc Morgaind2006-02-18 
Reinhart von Altenburg2006-03-04 
Donnet Drynkemylke2006-05-06 
Raymond Constable2006-05-06 
Alais de Poitiers2008-05-31 
Marie l'Englois2011-02-26 
Isolde de Lengadoc2012-07-21 
Catherine Townson2012-11-03 
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