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Counts, Earls & Countesses
Finnvarr de Taahe1973-09-16 EK
Hugo von Feureklippe1981-10-03 MK
Caitlin Stuart1981-10-03 MK
Barak Hasdrubal1982-10-02 East
Elaina of Oaklawn1990-04-07 East
Tangwystl d'Courci1991-10-12 MK
David Martin Failsworth1991-10-12 MK Earl
Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson1995-10-14 MK Jarl
Edouard Beausoleil1997-01-04 Drachenwal Earl
Eanor of Amberhall1997-01-04 Drachenwal
Elina de Braose1999-04-10 
Kildare Silverwolf Thorkillson2000-04-29 
Josephine of Ben Dunfirth2000-04-29 
Berus Wolfsson2001-04-21 
Marion FitzWilliam2001-04-21 
Roak of Ealdormere2001-09-15 
Carlotta di Mendicci2001-09-15 Crowned by King Roak I
Rustique du Sorde.2002-04-27 
Aaron Worganson.2002-04-27 
Joleicia of Litchfield2002-09-28 Reigned with Sarnac Kir
Sarnac Kir2002-09-28 
Arlette des Saules2003-05-03 
Genevieve de Rosse2003-09-20 
Susanna the Unyielding2004-04-24 
Rory Cennedi the Kid2004-04-24 
Malik 'abd al-Rahman2005-04-23 Heir to King Berus and Queen Marion
Genevieve Chastellain D'Anjou2005-04-23 
Edward the Red2006-04-20 
Rylyn Buchanan2006-04-22 Crowned by King Edward the Red
Jocea Valente2007-04-28 Reigned with King Roak III
Domhnaill Galbraith2007-09-22 Consort of Edouard Beausoleil - Heir to Roak III and Jocea
Trumbrand the Wanderer2008-04-26 Crowned King 2007-09-22
Heir to Edouard III and Domhnaill
Kaylah the Cheerful2008-04-26 Crowned Queen by Trumbrand
Heir to Edouard III and Domhnaill
Etain au Naval2009-04-25 Heir to Aaron III and Rustique III
Valfreya Greenspear2009-04-25 Reigned with King Etian
Adrielle Kerrec.2010-04-24 Heirs to Roak IV & Jocea II 2009/09/26
Nigel MacFarlane.2010-04-24 Heirs to Roak IV & Jocea II 2009/09/26
Tormot Quilliam2010-09-25 Heir to Nigel and Adrielle
Reign 2010-04-24
Dagmar Halvdan2010-09-25 Heir to Nigel and Adrielle
Elizabeth Bailey2013-04-27 Consort to Roak
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