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Group Info:

Court Baron/Baroness
Torbin of Amberhall1979-05-19 MK
Gillian Olafsdottir d'Uriel1981-06-27 MK Founding Baroness Septentria 1978-05-13
Einar Cruikshank1984-04-04 MK Baron Septentria 93-04-24 to 97-07-26
Henry of Linlithgow1985-04-12 MK
Fiona Averylle O'Connor of Maidenhead1987-09-19 MK also Founding Baroness Rising Waters 1988-11-25 to 1995-04-29
TSivia bas Tamara V'Amberview1988-11-12 MK
Menken Brechen1989-12-02 MK 2001/11/10-2006/11/18 Skrael Baron
Elizabeth Mortimer1989-12-02 MK
Tristaam of Galador1990-04-07 MK
Livia di Lancelotti1990-04-07 MK
Aedan o Kincora1991-06-08 Septentria Baron 1981/06/27
Caffa Muiriath1991-06-08 MK Septentria Baroncy 1981/06/27
Tamarra Amalthea de Romany1991-08-17 MK
Frederic L'Avarre1991-08-17 MK
Ariadne Athingana of Ravenglass1993-04-24 MK
Reynard de Foch of Ravenglass1993-04-24 MK
Moria the Black1994-10-01 MK
Byron Mikhail Woodroffe1995-04-29 MK Baron (founding) Rising Waters 1988/11/26
Ursula na Clan na Rath1995-07-01 MK
Grainne du Bois1995-08-16 MK
Foote the Potter1995-08-16 MK
Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles1995-11-04 MK Baron 1982/03/14 (founding) Skraeling Althing
Margaret of the Erainn1997-01-25 MK
Glandydd Rys Mordwyn1997-03-01 MK
Eleanor Cadfan1997-03-01 MK Baroness of Skrael 2001-11-10 to 2006-11-00
Cordigan d'Arnot1997-10-07 MK Baron (founding) Ramshaven 1995/02/04
Baron Septentria 1991/06/08 to 1993/04/24
Einar Cruikshank1998-04-04 MK
Sylard of Eagleshaven1999-01-02 
Mortraeth Colwyn1999-01-02 
Padraig McNeill1999-05-01 
Etaoin O'Fearghail1999-05-01 
Aelfwyn Hatheort AKA Aelfwyn the Irresponsible1999-06-18 by HRM Caitlin as An Tir regent
Brand Thorwaldsen # the Black1999-06-18 Baron 2000/06/17 BenDunfirth
retired 2003/06/14
Brianna McGinnis1999-06-18 Baroness 200/06/17 BenDunfirth
retire 2003/06/14
Valizan Rakkas al-Bassim, Ra'ee al-Saleh2000-04-29 Sheikh
Thyra Thorkillsdottir2000-04-29 MK Baroness (founding) 1995/04/29
Tarkatai Bahadur2000-06-17 Founding Baron Ben Dunfirth 1995/04/29
Siegfried Brandboern2000-09-23 
Hector of the Black Height2000-10-07 
Malik 'abd al-Rahman2000-11-11 MK Baron Rising Waters 1995/04/29
Genevieve Chastellain D'Anjou2000-11-11 Baroness of Rising Waters 1995-04-29 to 2000-11-11
James Douglas2001-02-03 
Halfdan Blackanvil2001-09-15 
Xristina Viacheslavova2001-11-10 Baron 1995/11/04 MK Skraeling Althing
James Eric of York2001-11-10 Baron Skraeling Althing 1995/11/04 MK
Tabitha Dearval2002-04-27 
Aibhilin fra Skye2002-05-17 2005/11-2009/11 Rising Waters Territorial
Vali inn svartr fleikingr2002-05-17 Baron of Ramshaven 1997/08/10
retired 20/05/17
Ragnheithr Thorbjarnardottir2002-05-17 MK Baroness of Rammhaven 1997/08/10
Thorgrim Ulfsson # of Aethelmarc2002-08-14 
Rachael Catherine McLellan2003-01-18 
Gaerwen of Trafford2003-02-15 Baroness Septentria 1999-02-20 to 2003-02-15
Cynred Broccan # the Broc2003-02-15 Baron Septentria 1999/02/20
James the Mercer2003-08-14 
Davin de la Baliene2003-09-13 Baron Ramshaven 2002-05-17 to 2003-09-13
Raymond Constable2003-11-08 
Donnet Drynkemylke2003-11-08 
Kaiza of Skraeling Althing2004-02-21 
Tesla de Chardon2004-04-24 
Erick of Longacres2004-04-24 
Luke Wolfsson fra Hrogn2004-08-19 
Tynne Duair ap Beul2005-04-16 
Breanaidh ni Naoimin2005-04-23 
Richard Larmer2005-04-23 
Robert le Sawyer2005-04-23 
Hereward the Feorvuend of Lindcylene # the Fardweller2005-08-15 
Tancred of Tanglewood2005-11-26 Baron or Rising Waters 11/11/2000
Rosalinda Margareta de la Fuentes2005-11-26 Rising Waters Baroness - 2000/11/11
Garwig der Waffenschmidt2006-01-28 
Hoskuld Thorleiksson2006-02-11 
Eyrny Ormarsdottir2006-02-11 
Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees2006-04-22 
Quintus Manlius Petreus2006-05-27 
Joanna of Northumberland2006-08-17 
Antarcus Valentior2006-09-23 Inspiration to all, years of dedicated service at Pennsic
Given with permission of TRM Midrealm
Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall2007-04-14 
Corwyn Galbraith2007-04-14 Baron of Septentria 2003/02/15
Domhnaill Galbraith2007-04-14 Baroness Septentria 2003/02/15
Alistair Kirk2007-06-15 Baron of BenDunfirth 2003/06/14
Anne von Talstadt2007-06-15 Baroness of BenDunfirth 2003/06/14
Konrad Mattias Jaeger2007-09-01 Baron of Ramshaven 2003/09/13
Alyce de Sheppy2007-09-01 Baroness of Ramshaven 2003/09/13
Aurora Argentius2008-01-12 An Tir
Dagmar Halvdan2008-08-03 
Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester2009-07-04 
Anne Tinker.2009-08-06 
Tiberius of Warwickshire2009-08-06 
Valdr jįrnsmišr2009-11-28 2005/11 - 2009/11 Rising Waters Territorial
AElfwyn et Langanwuda2010-08-12 
Seonag NicThomais2011-02-12 
Streonwold Wulfesbana2011-02-12 
Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen2011-07-02 
Mahault of Swynford2011-08-11 
Berend van der Eych2011-08-11 
Kersteken Janzdochtere2011-09-24 
Liadin Chu2012-03-03 
Evander MacLachlan2013-04-27 
Gerrard Carpentarius2013-05-18 
Helen of Greyfells2014-06-28 
Amelius Claudius Rattanicus2014-09-27 
Isabel Atwyll2014-09-27 
Hamish Gunn2016-08-11 
Ceridwyn y Anghofidig2016-08-11 
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