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Knights of the Order of Chivalry
Finnvarr de Taahe1971-10-30 MK
Hugo von Feureklippe1978-10-28 
Barak Hasdrubal1980-01-05 East
Mordain Blackcloak1982-08-21 MK
Bealdgar Thorbeornsson1988-04-16 MK
David Martin Failsworth1990-03-10 MK
Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson1994-01-29 MK
Cordigan d'Arnot1994-03-26 MK
Menken Brechen1994-08-18 MK
Ziegfried Gunter von Weaselberg1994-08-18 MK Ritter
Elizabeth Mortimer1996-01-27 MK
Edouard Beausoleil1996-05-18 Drachenwal
Roak of Ealdormere1997-09-13 MK
Edward the Red1999-02-20 
Rory Cennedi the Kid1999-03-20 
Vali inn svartr fleikingr1999-06-18 
Berus Wolfsonne1999-08-19 
Oikawa Katsu2000-04-29 
Evander MacLachlan2001-08-16 
Sarnac Kir2002-03-03 Bahadur
Aaron Worganson.2003-01-26 
Nigel MacFarlane.2003-07-26 MK
Siegfried Brandboern2003-08-14 
Malik 'abd al-Rahman2004-08-19 
Kasimir of Stargard2005-03-05 
Konrad Mattias Jaeger2005-07-02 
Etain au Naval2007-03-03 
Wat of Sarum2008-10-18 
Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn2010-09-25 
Tarkatai Bahadur2010-10-23 
Tormot Quilliam2011-09-24 
Steinarr Aggarson 2013-07-20 AnTir
Varakii Varenko Idanovich2014-08-07 
Tiberius of Warwickshire2015-03-07 
AElfwyn et Langanwuda2016-09-10 
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