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Order of the Pelican
Finnvarr de Taahe1978-08-12 MK
Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles1985-08-17 MK
Caffa Muiriath1989-05-13 MK
Aedan o Kincora1989-05-13 MK
Fiona Averylle O'Connor of Maidenhead1990-10-13 MK
Henry of Linlithgow1991-11-23 MK
Frederic L'Avarre1991-11-23 MK
Ricard of Sable Tree1991-11-23 MK
Tamarra Amalthea de Romany1994-10-29 MK
Hector of the Black Height1995-07-01 MK
Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall1995-08-16 MK
Menken Brechen1996-04-20 MK
Kaellyn mac Dermott of Leinster1997-01-25 
Etaoin O'Fearghail1997-03-01 MK
Aelfwyn Hatheort AKA Aelfwyn the Irresponsible1997-05-17 An Tir
Moria the Black1997-09-13 MK
Brand Thorwaldsen # the Black1998-08-13 MK
AElflaeda FitzAlain1999-02-27 
Cerdic O'Cuileamhain2000-03-25 
Susanna the Unyielding2001-02-24 
Konrad Mattias Jaeger2001-07-20 
Aaron of the Black Mountains2002-03-02 
Genevieve Chastellain D'Anjou2002-06-15 
Rylyn Buchanan2002-06-28 
Alyce de Sheppy2002-09-28 
Adrielle Kerrec2003-08-14 
Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester2003-09-27 
Tabitha Dearval2004-02-07 
Valizan Rakkas al-Bassim, Ra'ee al-Saleh2004-03-06 
Eleanor Cadfan2004-04-24 
Sarra Elisabeth Graeham of Birnham2005-02-12 
Marion FitzWilliam2005-08-15 
Erick of Longacres2006-09-02 
Edward the Red2006-12-16 Dedicated service to the fighting community and Barony
Keja Tselebnik2007-07-01 
Nadrah bint Valizan al-Garnitiyya2008-03-01 
James the Mercer2008-08-07 
TSivia bas Tamara V'Amberview2009-03-07 
Gaerwen of Trafford2011-09-17 
Eyrny Ormarsdottir2011-12-10 
Aibhilin fra Skye2012-06-23 
Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen2012-07-01 
Skallagrim the Frenzied2012-09-22 
Xristina Viacheslavova2012-11-03 
Dafydd ap Sion2014-01-18 
Cainder ingen Hui Chatharnaig2014-03-02 
Kersteken Janzdochtere2014-09-06 
Jocea Valente2014-09-06 
Christiana Macnamara2015-01-17 
Eirik Andersen2015-01-31 
Siegfried Brandboern2015-04-11 
Percival de la Rocque2015-07-04 
Kolbjorn Skatkaupandi2016-01-30 
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